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Dirty Down

dirty down

Stockists and users of Dirty Down ageing and weathering sprays

As explained on our consumables page, Yorkshire Prop Hire are very pleased to stock Dirty Down products and anti-flare sprays. We don’t just supply Dirty Down products, we use them ourselves, which is why we can recommend them. There are many ways these products can be used effectively and we thought we would share our experience and give a few examples of how they can be utilised.

What is it?

For those that haven’t used these products before, dirty down is water soluble, semi-transparent spray for ageing costumes and props – basically to make them look used. The range also includes dulling spray/ anti-flare spray which is a high matt, semi-transparent mist spray that dulls down polished surfaces and reduces unwanted reflections and glare.

What makes it so good?

– It’s quick! It requires minimal effort to achieve the desired effect which makes it very useful when having to age things in quantity or last minute. It is also quick drying.

– Whilst it is an aerosol, Dirty Down is Ozone friendly!

– It’s versatile. We’ve personally had experience using the sprays on a number of materials.

A few examples include:

  • Nicotine yellow on plastic – This gave that almost sun bleached effect that plastic gets when it’s been left outside for a long time
  • Ash Blonde, Mid Brown, Dark Brown & Black on clothing. We used the sprays where the sweat and dirt naturally build up in areas such as neckline and armpits.
  • Ash Blonde, Mid Brown and Dark Brown on paper. Instantly gives that antique effect which we found was perfect for scrolls, archives and period paperwork.
  • Mid & Dark Brown on wood
  • Rust on metal

Dirty down stockists

There are no hard and fast rules when is comes to colour combinations and with the choice of 10 different shades, there are countless ways to blend and combine them.

Whilst it is simple and effective to give an item a quick dusting of the spray, a much more believable and detailed effect can be achieved for props or clothing that may in seen in closer detail. It’s best to apply several coats to build up different depths of shade and colour rather than to apply a single heavy coat. As the saying goes ‘less is more’. You can always add more but you can’t take away – however that’s not entirely true of this product as it is water soluble. We find it’s always handy to have a cloth or rag to hand. A damp cloth will smear and rework the spray, and even remove the spray on non porous surfaces, but a dry cloth is also useful to pat down and help blend.  If you are wanting the effect to be more permanent,  it is recommended you seal with matt varnish once you have achieved the desired effect. For a dull, matt finish apply a fine coat of dulling spray first.

Don’t be afraid of using the products on a larger scale. Fantastic effects can be achieved on set builds from nicotine stained decor in a council flat to weathered bricks of medieval ruins.

build building

Head to our consumables page and click on the images for more information on each individual product and specific usage instructions. Place orders by adding items of interest to your quote, as you would a prop. Have fun dirtying down!

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