Dirty down stockists

Art Department Supplies

Here at Yorkshire Prop Hire HQ, we stock a variety of art department supplies, including glues, tapes, hardware and tools.

Please call us or enquire using info@yorkshireprophire.co.uk for more information on item availability or with any specific requests.

Stockists and users of Dirty Down ageing and weathering sprays

Those in the industry know the value and effectiveness of these handy products and we are very pleased to have our very own supply in Yorkshire! Place orders by adding items of interest to your quote, as you would a prop.

How we use them on our props

For those that haven’t used these products before, dirty down is water soluble, semi-transparent spray for ageing costumes and props. The range also includes dulling spray/ anti-flare spray which is a high matt, semi-transparent mist spray that dulls down polished surfaces and reduces unwanted reflections and glare. Click on the images for more information on each product and specific usage instructions.

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We don’t just supply Dirty Down products, we use them ourselves, that’s why we recommend them over other ageing and weathering products.