About Yorkshire Prop Hire – Specialists in the hiring making and sourcing of props for Yorkshire and the North of England

The business operates from a characterful warehouse based in God’s own county that houses an eclectic mix of new & old, from tech to tableware; seating to set builds. In addition to our existing stock, we continue to carefully select new pieces as we aim to inspire & keep things interesting. As well as a weird & wonderful Prop House, the warehouse is also a functioning workshop, allowing us to provide a service we like to call ‘Bespoke & Beyond’. Whether you are looking for a unique commission or assistance in finding a specific item, Yorkshire Prop Hire has the knowledge to help.

Why choose Yorkshire Prop Hire

We pride ourselves on care & quality and aim to deliver friendly northern customer service. Together with skill, experience, and pure graft, Yorkshire Prop Hire are a hardworking company that aim to please.

Whoever you may be – Production Buyer, Prop master, Designer, Events Planner, Party Planner, Window Dresser, Photographer, Joe Bloggs, Tom, Dick or Harry  – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Founders

Whilst working together in the television industry, Andy and Yaz decided to create what they had both been searching for – a prop house and workshop in Yorkshire that could provide for the creative industries in the region and nationwide. A demand in the industry in addition to their combined interests drove them to begin the Yorkshire Prop Hire journey. With a shared passion for antiques along with a love for building and creating, they set out to establish a company that allowed them to explore it all.

Their experiences working in the industry has allowed for a greater understanding of the needs and requirements of productions as well as allowing them to identify ways of working to execute these services to best meet client needs.

As a production buyer, Yasmin has experience working to a budget and sourcing those hard to find items. If you are struggling to find what you are looking for in our existing stock, let Yaz and the team use their connections and skills to help you find exactly what you envisioned.





With well over a decade of construction experience, Andy will undoubtedly meet any requirement you put to the workshop, with exquisite execution. Head to Bespoke & Beyond for inspiration and examples of the beautiful craftsmanship Yorkshire Prop Hire can provide for you.