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Prop Hire & Construction Services for the Creative Industries based in Yorkshire

Here at Yorkshire Prop Hire we source, create & supply props and furniture to our clients from the film, television, theatre, wedding, event, fashion and interior industries.

We pride ourselves on care & quality and aim to deliver friendly northern customer service. Together with skill, experience, and pure graft, Yorkshire Prop Hire are a hardworking company that aim to please.


Here's How It Works

Find what you’re looking for by typing in the search bar at the top of our homepage or by using our drop down category menu. You can filter the search by decade, room or theme. Click ‘add to quote’ on any items you wish to hire, then simply submit your basket to send your request through to us.
Search for props


Use our search and filter system to find props you want like a normal online shop

Add to basket


Click on each prop to see detailed info then add all the props of interest to your basket

Request a quote


Submit your basket of props to us in a quote order with your dates and details

Receive quote


We’ll get in touch with a fully costed quote breakdown and when you are happy, you can then proceed to complete our hire agreement and make payment to secure the booking.

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Why Hire

Budget friendly

As you are only looking to pay a percentage of an item’s risk value, hiring goods works out a great deal cheaper than if you were to purchase the items outright. Yorkshire Prop Hire will try and accommodate however tight or sizable your budget may be.

Prepped and ready

Unlike purchased goods, our props are ‘bedded in’ for you and generally ready for use immediately. By this we mean they are tried, tested and characterful. Most things in our stock are far from brand spanking new but be assured that our props, both old and modern, are clean and well maintained.

One of a kind

There are some items that are simply unavailable in shops. The Yorkshire Prop Hire team puts in the hours searching markets, browsing antique shops and dealing with private sellers to source those truly unique and rare pieces for you to enjoy.

After use

If you do buy your props or furniture, what will happen to it all afterwards? Whether this be a fully dressed film set or your wedding day decor, hiring will save on the hassle of having to sell items on or store them after use. It might also save on a guilty conscience due to the things you’ll end up chucking in a skip. If it’s too late and you are in a place where you are looking to rehome your props / furniture, we may be able to help, then you’ll know where to come for next time –

Environmentally conscious

We’ve seen it first hand. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating but to save time and effort, goods simply get trashed. This has been known to be the case for single use film sets, one – off events, as well as seasonal window dressings. Hiring goods is an excellent option for those conscious of waste in a throw-away society. In addition to this, any damaged or tired looking items in our existing stock that are not up to quality standard will be upcycled and repurposed where possible. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t claim to have zero carbon footprint, but we are always trying to think of ways to be greener through our use of packaging and other means. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Our Latest News

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